Welcome to "Pretty is Not Enough."

The "Pretty is Not Enough" platform was established to help generate conversations about growth beyond surface features, more than a pretty face!

As a little girl I thought that being pretty was the most important thing in the world! On several occasions I remember different individuals who would tell my father, "she is so pretty." His response was, "don't tell her that." ... Many years later I finally understood what motivated his response which led to the creation of this platform... Today I know that "Pretty" will never be enough to define all that I am! 

I also want other woman, especially young girls to set goals based on growth that stems from inner balance strengthen through living with purpose and passing it on!   

Although my life experiences have not carried me along a smooth road, it continuously leaves me with valuable lessons that I willingly share..... As we progress in life, I truly believe that we should extend our grace and understanding to as many people whose lives we can impact.... "We rise by lifting others." ... Even when our seas are rough, we can still help others.

Each phase of growth has led me to a new level of purpose, understanding, and newness!  Consistently evaluate your life and ask yourself whether you are living your dream. If you aren't, it just might be time to make a few changes.... "It begins with you!" ... Life is not a perfect alignment! ... Life is a constant shift! ... Who will you become as you shift through life?

"We become who we think we are!" .... Do not allow yourself to be limited by the boundaries and barriers established by society, people, or self-doubt. ... Dream Big!

Who are you? Do you want to be just another pretty face or do you want to be remembered for much more than that?

Success is not a visual measure, it is a perceptive process!

I welcome you to a new beginning, invite you to share your passion, and to extend the "Pretty is Not Enough" platform as a tool to support avenues of growth such as education, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

Graciously yours,

Geralyn Janice, M.A.