Yes, we are truly living a "different world".... Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, we watched this sitcom about young people sharing the experience of beginning the next phase of their life - going to college.... They demonstrated several characteristics that have significant meaning in the human growth process. Self-pride, brotherhood, romantic love, compromise, understanding of others, and acceptance ....were a few of the lessons and experiences that were demonstrated.

Keeping in mind the current popularity of reality TV shows, it made me wonder whether we consider the impact that watching these shows have on the mindset of young adults and older ones alike....... How often do we consider how what we put in the mainframe of our mind gets ingested into our perception?

Let me give you an example.... A story about an well known artist and the drama he is having with his wife and an alleged woman on the side came across a feed on my phone. In what I call a gazing mode before fall asleep, I decided to click on the article and read about the drama.... The next morning I work up this person and their drama..... Immediately I thought to myself, "you put it in, that's what came out"..... Lesson learned: if I don't want drama to greet me in my morning thoughts or any other time, consider what I decide to read.... What good did reading that article bring to my life? 

Consider the unintended residual effects of reality TV shows. ...... Last week I decided to watch one of the “wives” reality shows....On this particular episode I observed drama, self-indulgence, fighting, and extremely materialistic behaviors..... Some may imply that it is entertainment but remember young minds are highly influential...... Although some may view it as entertainment, consider the residual impact....... Networks promote these shows as “reality”, causing some influential minds to perceive this as common and normal. 

Drama addiction is real! .... Yes, I know these shows are very popular, however we need to ensure that our young people realize that they should focus on their reality, not the images portrayed as reality....In other words.... "don't get caught up!"

Today our young people face many different struggles..... We must be mindful of the things to which we steer their focus. ..... Think of this from an “in and out” perspective .... If they are viewing behaviors that are not characteristic of the type of person that you want them to grow into, have conversations with them about what they are watching.

We should all take care and caution to the things that we allow to be inserted into our mindset!  

Are the characters that they observe demonstrating behaviors that we want young influential mind to mimic?..... Also remember that the characters that they mimic are not limited to the television screen. .... Are we mimicking appropriate behaviors in our homes and as a society at large?

Food for thought in leading the next generation to their highest level of greatness!

Geralyn A. Janice, M.A.

Founder, Pretty is Not Enough, LLC.

(This image is from a caption that I found on Facebook.)   

3 THOUGHTS ON “"A Different World"”

by Durrel Reeves

Great blog! Today it’s all about reality TV, where you can be famous for absolutely nothing! We can only wonder what is in store for the generations to come.

Very insightful, keep them coming.

by Brenda Thompson

There are so many negative images that captivate our younger people that creates a false sense of reality. How can we change that perception? How can we flip the conversation and mindset?
It can be quite a challenge but I truly believe that it’s not impossible. It’s our responsibility and duty to chart a new path for the next generation.

by Fran Phoenix

Very insightful and so true! It all begins in the mind. If you allow negative images to enter your mind, eventually they will get in your spirit. One they enter the spirit, they take over the body. A Different World was one of my favorite TV shows. You are right, I don’t know what has happened to educational sitcoms? There aren’t any. In my opinion, reality TV reinforces negative stereotypes. And the reality is that those individuals won’t be on TV for long because they are selling drama, and they have no real talent. The Bible says “be he transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Thanks for keeping it real Geralyn!