Testimony From Shari Arnold ( @teachmeshari)

I left Auburn 8 years ago with no degree and no direction. I’ve fought unworthiness and self-sabatoge, and I quietly fought depression. I quit my job in 2011 and asked God to guide my feet from the moment I walked out of that door. I quit my job again in 2015 to take this step on my journey, and I gave up even more to get to this point. I’ve done a big thing: I reminded myself that I have what it takes to do ANYTHING I want to do. I've cried, hustled, struggled, laughed, and screamed my way through two degrees! Every little inch of encouragement from every person I've ever encountered is a big part of why I kept going. Don’t let anybody shoot down your dreams! Meet Shari L. Arnold (@teachmeshari) , YOU WILL CALL ME DOCTOR SOON!