In a world where gals are thriving solely off Instagram post, we sometimes forget the bigger picture.

As an entrepreneur and woman in the entertainment industry, I get a kick out of surprising people with my ideas and not what I can offer physically. Respect is earned not given. Very rare times when I enter a business meeting or situation and the attendees not assume I'm there as someone's "girl". It's always refreshing to see their faces when they realize my true purpose, to come in and maximize execution.

I'm not here to knock anyone's hustle but I am here to let people know, looks can take you far but when it's time to show and prove, nobody cares wtf you look like. This movement is beyond dope! I'm screaming from the mountaintops @immorethanpretty and want all my gal pals to do the same! Follow for more info and to share your #PrettyIsntEnough story! 😎☺️💕